Toolkit Gang: A tool of distraction or destruction

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3 min readFeb 16, 2021

Another activist’s name adds to the list of Anti-nationals as Disha A Ravi, A 22-year old, Environmental activist from Banglore was slapped with Sedition charges over a controversial toolkit shared by Greta Thunberg which is speculated as an International conspiracy to incite violence by the Police officials.
We all know the updates on this issue, Many opposition leaders have come in support of the activist. But, what do you think, why she is arrested? What was wrong with the toolkit? Is there any conspiracy against India?

The toolkit is just a document explaining the action plan on How to organize and mobilize a protest which involves twitter storming to the physical gathering, with Social media in play we all know that how does an IT cell work. If this is the criteria then the 'Black lives matter' movement was an anti-National act or any IT cell can be a perpetrator to the state. Let's understand what went wrong in Disha's Case.

Firstly, We all know, Soon after the farmer's protests were backed and supported by International Celebrities and Activists, Government felt unease as its global and local reputation could have been tainted. MEA had to make a statement with #IndiaAgainstPropaganda #IndiaUnited in counter to the tweets by Hollywood celebrities. Several Indian celebs also retweeted the MEA's statement with similar language as if they were also shared with a document or maybe a toolkit. So, to justify and establish a narrative that India was under attack by foreign forces and to validate their conspiracy theory, they had to arrest activists who were in any way linked with the foreign supporters of the protest.

Secondly, This isn't the first time that an activist is charged under UAPA, there have been several instances where this government has suppressed any opposing voices by booking them under sedition laws. The Government doesn't miss a chance to crack down on any anti-government voice criticizing the government's decision. They fear that any form of protest or movement can mobilize people against them and they ought to defame them by calling them 'Anti-India people'. Opposition's credibility is unaccepted by people, The term 'Criticism in Journalism' is lost as most of them are the mouth-piece of the government so the opposition left includes few young activists, journalists, and 'Andolanjeevis'. When BJP says 'Congress mukt Bharat' they mean no opposition to the government. However, some independent media houses and journalists are vocal against the government but they are also been looked after by our beloved ED's and IT. After all 'Alochana is not really the gehna of this government' so those who dare to speak against this government have to face the same result.

Thirdly, Government fears most from the involvement of Women in Politics actively. Even during the hearings of farmers' protests, SC appealed to protesting women to retreat from the protest, this depicts that how patriarchial an Indian society is. The inclusion of women in the protests makes it more challenging to crush the protest. We have witnessed the 'Nari power' in the past few years whether it was 84-year old Bilkis Dadi of Shaheen Bagh or 24-year old Nodeep Kaur of Farmers protest. The protesting women exemplify, how to stabilize a protest.

One should introspect about where are we heading as a country, as we all sense fear, hatred, and anxiety in the atmosphere. What happened after 2014 that India feels to be in a constant attack of anti-nationals, where were they before that. Is it necessary for the government to demonize every protest or can they embrace the 'Alochna as a gehna' as Our PM says?



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