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India suffocates as tall claims of its conquest over COVID-19 appears to be bogus. On the contrary, it faces an undeclared health emergency with the value of life being subdued to statistics of infections and deaths to the government. Cremation grounds are wrapped in the ominous white bags of dead covid patients whose kin’s eyes weep days and night as they grapple to see their loved ones for the last time.

Every one of us is looking for the answers to the innumerable questions which hits us while we sit in solitude, quarantined at our home.

Grimy shades of religion and politics

Firstly, our frustration seeks its villain but who are we deluding? We all know, our guards were breached with polluted thought of our self-proclaimed victory. "The super spreader events like political gatherings, 'Khumb Mela and Public rallies have exhibited our gross priority as a Nation and as a citizen”. The gathering of thousands of pilgrims at Haridwar, Uttarakhand is the depiction of our sobriety towards Scientific Temper. Yesterday, in a viral video from Gujarat, hundreds of women can be seen marching to offer water to their deity as they believed that’s the way to get rid of the coronavirus. This senseless event mocks us as a society.

Monstrous events of Panchayat and General assembly election in different states showcase the government’s behaviour towards COVID-19,

One may recall PM Modi boasting about the crowd that he pulled during his election campaign. PM Modi along with leaders across party lines was seen without a mask on several occasions in public rallies.

Negligence and slothful acts brought hell to India

Secondly, the government’s decision for the lockdown indicates their readiness to combat the COVID-19. Miserable failure in fulfilling the medical needs even after the expert’s indication about the second wave in December is enraging. Public Health officials and the COVID task force failed to acknowledge the risks of the second wave.

Rattling images of the dying patients owing to the shortage of oxygen jolted the country and its tall claims of having the robust and the largest pharmaceuticals market in the world.

The chest-thumping Indian government credits itself for the largest vaccination drive in the world, however, we have vaccinated only 2% of our population and several countries have accomplished to vaccinate 50% of their population. Glorification of the government as they prioritize offering 600 million doses of vaccine as a gift to WHO rather than vaccinating the natives manifested harsh criticism. The government’s denial of oxygen shortage and disregarding the logical reasoning of vaccine mathematics displays their arrogance. Allocation of 35,000 crores rupees for COVID relief in the budget by the government and its expenditure of only 4,500 crores is an exemplary figure about the scenario.

The state government’s delayed reaction to the situation can be another reason for this frightful situation. These grisly news stories covered in international media grasped the world’s attention and brought assistance to India. However, The Medical aid in the form of ventilators, vaccine, oxygen tanks has been piling up in the custody of the Central government and the distribution system remained unready for days is the verging point of tolerance. The US has lifted its restriction on international trade of vaccine for developing nations and developed nations will have to stretch their support to developing nations.

A sceptical future awaits us

Earlier today, the Supreme court and Health experts have suggested that the Third wave is inevitable, India must pace up its health infrastructure to prepare for a tougher battle. We may have reached the Second wave’s peak but a bigger hurdle lies ahead of us.

• The availability of Oxygen has been the most troubling aspects in this wave and measures to ramp up the availability of oxygen tanks and concentrators must be ensured. Initiatives to be exercised for the productions of oxygen and delivery mechanisms should be established.

• As the no. of cases decline after the peak, the government must act vigorously to vaccinate more people.

• The government ought not to lift all the restrictions until the vaccination on large scale is done.

• The strenuous decision for restricting religious, political and mass gatherings should be adopted.

• Vaccine awareness campaigns should be encouraged as rumours still have a place in society.

Social media have played an important role as it drew help and support from people, local and international organisations. This inspired humanitarian values and positive expectations.

A long battle is anticipated to be fought; we must endure ourselves to surpass these hardships. Millions of youths are vexed about their future and are experiencing mental illness. We must learn ways to survive this battle against the virus that haunts us with its mutation.

We must update ourselves with the information about the evolving virus to defeat it.



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