Man is naturally a political animal: Aristotle

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2 min readFeb 17, 2021

Let’s not get mistaken, The government and politics are two different things. Societal behavior possessed by humans showcases the distinctive quality of being political. ‘Politics’ by definition means a set of activities that involves making decisions in the group or other forms of power relations between Individuals. Try googling it before reading further, I am not making this up. It highlights the efficiency of humans to work in a group and distributing power, Politics has been a crucial tool for human evolution. We talked about history, but you might be wondering, how does it affect you now?

Many of you adamantly call yourselves ‘Apolitical’ because you are disgusted by the contemporary political state you are living in. However, on the contrary, you are the most political human beings because you are so depressed with the degrading political atmosphere that you don’t wanna talk about it. The sense of Individuality and Capitalism has daggered our political traits as a human. The feeling of Community and commune is losing its place from our heart and soul. There are different Apolitical types also, let’s discuss them to understand how political they are.

The first category is of ‘Ignorants’ who are unaware of how politics affect society and individuals. The material supplies they eat, wear, and buy are usually taxed by the government and it has a direct impact on their livelihood. So, feel political while shopping and eating meals in Malls. The social status that one earns is often manipulated by the state. For example, Labour, the sweeper, or anyone from the working class is used as a cuss word in India as laborers hardly can earn their livelihood, while in nations where the working class is paid well, holds a place in society.

The second category is of ‘Conditioned Apoliticals’ who have been conditioned by their environment to focus on their personal capitalistic goals rather than pay heed to society. They ought to compromise humanitarian values by saying, “we are just being practical, or else how will we survive.”

The Third category of Apolitical people is of a heartbroken lover who starts disregarding and hating love again as they have their expectations, experiences, and examples. However, there are certain instances where they can’t resist sharing their opinion, and since they lack political understanding their opinions are shallowly presented.

Thus, Politics is an integral part of human society and is ingrained in us. One needs to acknowledge this as a social skill and must try to educate and discuss this once in a while, or at least promise to learn and inculcate the humanitarian values. Remember, Power can be a tool of suppression if society and individuals fail to play their role as political animals.



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