#Modi_Job_Do bombarded Twitter

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3 min readFeb 25, 2021

The hashtag isn’t unprecedented and we are accustomed to this trend once in a while but what’s surprising is the consistency in this hashtag and millions of tweets trending all over the world. For the past few days, aspirants who have qualified for exams and still waiting to get recruited decided to take the protest digital, as New India of the present Government and its mainstream media doesn’t seem to administer anything if it’s not on Twitter. Or maybe the fear of being called ‘Andolanjeevi’ must have compelled them to not risk their dignity. The long wait must have exhausted their patience compelling them to tweet for hours to trend this hashtag.

Disdaining and disregarding the voice of dissents and protesters is something that the government is best at doing, using their thousands of WhatsApp groups to spread the toolkit, IT cell media which discusses more on conspiracies less on facts, and blaming it on previous governments is what portrays their 18 hours work schedule. The ‘Brahmastra’ of UAPA is also there to threaten and suppress, who dare to speak. So as a sincere Deshbhakt citizen, aspirants are exhausting themselves on Twitter.

No one can deny that India doesn’t have the potential and great talents, one may ask then what’s hindering them to showcase their talent? Economic crisis and the government’s priorities can be blamed for it, Government’s prime focus on building the private sector can be speculated as to the reason for not heeding to fill the vacant seats in the public sector. Or one might remember the statement, “Will you agree or not that selling fritters on the roadside is a type of employment” by our beloved Modi Ji is an eye-opening statement for the aspirants. you must have educated yourself with the data and the reason but let’s step into the shoes of youth in a young country like India in 2021.

I would humbly like to address that getting a basic income job in India is like a dream for millions of aspirants. You can inculcate this sentence again and again. To understand the situation you must remember that almost 1.5 crore people applied for the job of Railway driver in India. Millions of Indians struggle to meet their basic requirements, dreaming to follow a passion and making a career out of it is a privilege in India.

I apologize, don’t get infuriated, getting an education in India is a privilege but we are talking about educated aspirants here. Struggling to get oneself educated fighting all the odds in remote areas of India then troubling oneself for years to qualify for all the level of exams is the demoralizing story of millions of youth. Thereafter, struggling on the roads and bearing the pain of lathi is a harsh reality of ‘New India’. But, I think the misery of being unemployed for years, stressing about the future while going to bed every night, tolerating taunts of relatives, and uncertainty of these situations appears to be more painful than the lathi of Policemen.

The untold story of unemployed youth is worrying who scrabble their empty pockets, constantly making up leeway, disregarding mental health issues and however, fighting back again is inspirational and depressing.



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